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Air quality overlay in action. Large green arrows signify intakes or fans, red contributors to pollution.

The colony is hermetically sealed to counterbalance Aven's low-oxygen atmosphere, so air qualitycan deteriorate quickly.

  • Air quality is a major contributor to morale. Insufficient quality will rapidly drive happiness down, leading to discontent and protests, potentially fueling enough resentment to vote you out.
  • And if it gets low enough health begins to suffer.
  • Moreover, it's not as simple as plopping down a few intakes. You need to be proactive in your efforts to maintain air quality and deploy new intakes and fans on a regular basis. The reason? Air quality improves over time and it can take upwards of a sol to restore proper climate conditions in a colony.
  • Geothermal vents on Aven Prime can erupt and send out large quantities of hydrogen sulfide. Yes, colonists can choke if an air intake draws one in.
  • Air intakes work best when placed near pollutants (such as electricity structures) or intersections, where they can purify a large volume of air at once.

List of buildings providing air quality[edit | edit source]

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