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Morale is a measure of how happy your colonists are and, by extension, how productive they are. A happy colonist has all of his needs met. Below are the various factors that affect it.

Factors affecting morale[edit | edit source]

  • Air quality : The colony is hermetically sealed to counterbalance Aven's low-oxygen atmosphere, so air quality can deteriorate quickly.
  • Commute : Colonists prefer a short commute along tunnels between home and work. They dislike walking through buildings on the way to work.
  • Consumption : Whether colonists have access to the consumer goods they crave. Provided by retail centers.
  • Crime : A higher crime rate makes colonists more paranoid and less trusting, decreasing happiness. Managed by security drone hubs.
  • Crowding : Colonists grow less happy as their residences become more densely packed and as the colony's population increases.
  • Entertainment : The availability of various forms of entertainment to distract and entertain the colonists.
  • Food : The colonists quickly grow unhappy when they do not have enough food to eat or when their food choices are too limited. Variety and quality are two special statistics.
  • Freedom : The joy of freedom. Invasive micromanagement of the colony through social policies lowers this.
  • Health : Whether colonists are healthy and have access to satisfactory levels of health care affects happiness.
  • Purpose : A colonist's sense of purpose in helping build the colony. Tends to be higher when the colony is smaller.
  • Substances : Many different types of enhancers are available. Some have side effects that cause a reduction in morale.
  • Unemployment : Unemployed colonists are unhappy without jobs.
  • Water : Colonists grow unhappy and fast without access to adequate water. Sufficient quantities in storage are necessary.

Importance[edit | edit source]

  • Morale-affecting factors can be divided into several levels of importance, depending on their general impact on morale.
    • Vital: Food, water, and crowding are the three most important elements of morale. Food and water are self explanatory. Crowding is doubly important: If a habitation block is destroyed, any colonists without a place to live in will be euthanized.
    • Important: Crime, commute, air quality, health, entertainment: General elements related to quality of life.
    • Least concern: Freedom, purpose, substances, and unemployment: Not a whole lot you can do about these, except try and keep them minimal.
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