Tenari Glacier

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Tenari Glacier
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  • Limited farming, well suited for enhancer manufacturing
Mission parameters
  • Achieve 90% morale
  • Reach 300 population
  • Manufacture and export 400 Amberjoy, 500 Xenoglow
  • Export 800 total items
  • Recover and research alien artifacts (map and expedition)
  • Activate The Unity and the Shield artifacts
  • Tenari Glacier is a mission in Aven Colony.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    This small colony near Tenari Glacier is in trouble right now, and you'll need to start by stabilizing it. After you rescue the colony, you must grow it into a large enhancer manufacturing center. Despite the cold climate, the ingredients used in the manufacture of most enhancers grow extraordinarily well here. Once your colony is sufficiently stabilized, we'll also need you to collect, research, and activate another unidentified object in the area.

    Map[edit | edit source]

    Strategies[edit | edit source]

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