Residential structures

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Residential structures are essential buildings for maintaining population. If a population goes over the number of available habitable space, surplus colonists are euthanized.

List of buildings[edit | edit source]

Image Structure Nanites Power
Apartments 01.png
Apartment 18 8 16
Habitat 01.png
Habitat (Tier 1) 32 18 36
Habitat 02.png
Habitat (Tier 2) 52 18 54
Habitat 03.png
Habitat (Tier 3) 72 18 66
Skyscraper 01.png
Skyscraper (Tier 1) 66 34 72
Skyscraper 02.png
Skyscraper (Tier 2) 92 34 120

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • It goes without saying that the two skyscrapers are the most efficient method of housing colonists. While they can extend commute distances, even the cheapest skyscraper offers a ratio of ~0.92 nanite per colonist, as opposed to a late-mode habitat's 1.09 nanite. However, it does consume ~0.47 power per colonist, while a habitat requires ~0.27 power.
  • Upgrading it to the Tier 2 model makes it a perfect choice across the board: 0.76 nanite and 0.28 power per colonist.